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When it comes to navigating the competitive job market, sharing your profile with recruiters on a hiring platform can be a game-changer. It provides a direct and efficient way to showcase your skills, experiences, and qualifications to potential employers. By sharing your profile, you create a comprehensive professional snapshot that goes beyond the limitations of a traditional resume. Recruiters can access your profile, delve into your work history, review your accomplishments, and assess your fit for specific job opportunities. This process saves time and effort for both recruiters and candidates, streamlining the hiring process. Sharing your profile with recruiters demonstrates your proactive approach to job searching and increases your visibility among a pool of candidates.

Short List and Interview Candidate

Sorting the candidate list and conducting interviews are crucial steps in the hiring process facilitated by hiring platforms. These platforms provide valuable features to streamline these tasks. Recruiters can utilize filters and criteria to sort and narrow down the candidate list based on qualifications, experience, and other relevant factors. This saves time and allows recruiters to focus on the most suitable candidates. Once the list is sorted, the hiring platform enables seamless communication between recruiters and candidates, scheduling interviews, and sharing necessary details. Interviewing candidates through the platform ensures a structured and organized process, making it easier to evaluate each candidate’s skills, cultural fit, and potential. Overall, these features empower recruiters to efficiently manage candidate selection and make informed hiring decisions.

Release Offer Letter

Releasing an offer letter is a critical step in the hiring process, and hiring platforms provide a convenient and efficient way to accomplish this task. Once the ideal candidate has been identified, the platform facilitates the creation and delivery of the offer letter. Recruiters can generate customized offer letters, outlining key details such as compensation, benefits, and start date. The platform ensures secure and prompt delivery of the offer letter to the candidate, enabling them to review the terms and accept the offer digitally. This streamlined process eliminates the need for manual paperwork, reduces delays, and enhances the overall candidate experience.

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The registration process on Hirect allows job seekers to upload their resumes. Nonetheless, uploading a resume is not mandatory since the profile covers all the necessary information a job seeker chooses to highlight. A job seeker’s profile can get verified in the absence of a resume as well.

While most traditional job portals in India charge job seekers to find a relevant job, Hirect allows job seekers to build their profiles and chat with verified recruiters for free.

All the recruiters who post the jobs on this app are 100 % verified. Furthermore, the AI algorithm ensures that the candidates are matched with active recruiters offering jobs that best suit the job seeker’s skill set and experience. Since there are no consultants involved, job seekers on Hirect are completely immune to spam or scam calls.

The Hirect app allows job seekers to connect directly with hiring managers who could end up being their prospective boss. Job seekers can always follow up with the recruiter using our direct-chat feature. Job seekers can also schedule video interviews, and get feedback instantly.